My Simple yet Massive Coca-Cola Review

College is wonderful because I have access to a lot of drinks I can’t find anywhere else, especially soda. I am a huge fan of Coke and there are several varieties of the original flavor. Yes, I’m not talking about vanilla coke, cherry coke, etc., but the products that are related to the original flavor. So then what’s the difference then? The sweetener. Here are the different Cokes I’m reviewing:

Coca-Cola (Current USA formula, with high fructose corn-syrup)

Mexican Coke (Original USA formula, coke with real cane sugar)

Argentinian Coke / Coke Life (Real cane sugar and stevia)

Coke Zero (USA formula with alterations to make it 0 calories)

Diet Coke (Aspartane, aka 0 sugar)

Now, how would I rate them overall?

Mexican Coke: 10/10

Coca-Cola: 9.5/10

Argentinian Coke: 7/10

Coke Zero: 6.5/10

Diet Coke: 3/10

Is this all purely on taste? No. It’s a mix of taste, texture, after taste, and after feeling. Let’s rank them all based on taste alone first, not after taste, texture, and feeling.

  1. Coca – Cola: It’s sweet and has bite in every drink.
  2. Mexican Coke: Sweet and with bite, but slightly less so.
  3. Argentinian Coke: Tastes like a Mexican Coke initially.
  4. Coke Zero: Tastes like a stale coca-cola to me.
  5. Diet Coke: So horrible I always want to spill it out.

Now, based on after taste.

  1. Mexican Coke / Coca-Cola (tied): Both have that same unique after taste.
  2. Argentinian Coke: Has a weird tea-like aftertaste.
  3. Coke Zero: The after taste is weird to say the least.
  4. Diet Coke: Sorry, disgusting.

Now, based on texture. So what do I mean by texture when it’s all liquid? Well, there’s the fizz of the soda and the feeling as it goes down your throat which is surprisingly important if you pay attention when you drink your soda.

  1. Mexican Coke: Feels nice and smooth.
  2. Coca-Cola: More fizzy than Mexican Coke.
  3. Coke Zero: Surprisingly like the normal Coke.
  4. Argentinian Coke: Hard to tell really, but smooth. Just…less evident.
  5. Diet Coke: Any surprise here?

Now, based on after feeling. Do I feel peppy? Sluggish? Sick?

  1. Mexican Coke: Not sluggish at all. My stomach feels great.
  2. Coca-Cola: My stomach personally feels fine but I feel sluggish and less energetic.
  3. Argentinian Coke: Not sluggish, stomach is fine, but…for some reason it just feels different.
  4. Coke Zero / Diet Coke: Sluggish is the key word here.

So overall Mexican Coke is the winner because the taste is sweet with a bite, goes down smoothly, and I don’t feel bad for drinking it. Normal Coke is close to that but slightly more acidic, sweet, and sluggish in just enough of a way to make a difference. Argentinian Coke is OK but is almost an acquired taste. Coke Zero is fine if you are desperate for a soda. Diet Soda is a scourge that must be eliminated from the planet.

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Evolving my Channel While Sticking to my Roots

As I posted the video letting my audience know of a new viewer survey, I got a long comment:

I always appreciate comments like this and a point the user makes is the idea of my audience being perceived wrong.  For a long time, I did perceive my audience wrong, but I’ve been working on trying to expand my audience while sticking to my channel’s theme of history and maps. My surveys are always to gather info from my audience so I can see if they’re taking any changes I make well. For example the reason I had a question asking about how people find out about new stuff is that I want to make sure that they can learn of changes so I can get feedback.

Overall I still wanna do animated maps and plan to do so for a long time. But I also want to try other stuff. For example, October will be dedicated to the Cold War and will have a lecture series on the Cold War. There will be a videomap included at the end, but it will be dedicated to something different. I want to teach people as much as show people. Maybe I’ll be able to pull it off. I just hope I can find a good balance for both maps and new things.

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Plans for the Rest of 2015

EmperorTigerstar continues to grow and it was a great summer! Thank you to everyone who watched my videos and supported me! What’s in store for the rest of 2015?

Well, I’ll be starting college and will be a bit busier, but still expect new videos. As for major projects, there is a small one for October and a larger one for November. In addition, there will be a collaboration with another YouTube channel that will probably also come out in the Winter. Who is it? What will it be? You’ll have to wait and find out.

Also I’m debating on whether to continue doing videos about reading comments or personal ones like my favorite music. Please do comment if you want to hear more. Perhaps I could do them bi-monthly on Mondays or something similar. Finally, I keep on putting off a series on the Cold War and I promise I’ll get to it. I’ll try to do it over the fall and maybe I’ll do that instead of reading comments or talking about my favorite music. I just need the time to record audio, which is surprisingly difficult to find.

Let’s hope for the best!

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2015 EmperorTigerstar Fan Census Results

Well, it’s been a week and as promised, here are the results! We had a turnout of 819 responses! Thank you to everyone who participated! Remember that the first three questions were the only required ones so some questions may not have 819 answers.

1. Which age group are you in?

Younger than 13: 57 (6.96%)

13 – 15: 330 (40.29%)

16 – 18: 279 (34.07%)

19 – 22: 97 (11.84%)

23 – 30: 37 (4.52%)

41 – 55: 6 (0.73%)

Older than 55: 2 (0.24%)

Bit surprised. I thought the average age would be a tiny bit higher.

2. Which region of the world are you from?

USA and Canada: 344 (42%)

Europe (excluding former USSR): 335 (40.9%)

Asia (excluding former USSR and the Middle-East): 37 (4.52%)

Former USSR: 25 (3.05%)

Australia and the Pacific Islands: 25 (3.05%)

The Middle-East: 24 (2.93%)

South America: 19 (2.32%)

Central America and the Caribbean: 7 (0.85%)

Africa: 3 (0.37%)

Cool to know I have viewers in all locations around the globe. Not surprised by how heavily the viewership is from the US and Europe though.

3. What do you follow EmperorTigerstar on? (Check all that apply)

YouTube (as a subscriber): 748 (91.33%)

YouTube (watcher, not subscriber): 81 (9.89%)

Twitter: 35 (4.27%)

Reddit: 35 (4.27%)

Google Plus: 33 (4.03%)

Blog: 22 (2.69%)

Once again, not too surprised. If you want to follow me in the other places besides YouTube, here are some links:

Twitter     Reddit   Google Plus

4. How often do you comment on my videos?

Only if I have something important to say: 376 (46.36%)

Never, I have nothing to say: 243 (29.96%)

Some videos: 108 (13.32%)

Never, I am unable to comment: 43 (5.3%)

Most Videos: 28 (3.45%)

Every Video / Multiple Times Per Video: 13 (1.61%)

Brings a whole new meaning to “silent majority” doesn’t it?

5. Where do you find news about my channel?

A YouTube announcement video: 666 (82.43%)

Reddit: 23 (2.85%)

Twitter: 21 (2.6%)

Friends: 11 (1.36%)

Blog: 9 (1.11%)

Other: 171 (21.16%)

My videos the subject among friends? Cool.

6. If I did a monthly news update on my blog, would you be interested and read it?

I wouldn’t read it all the time, but sure!: 387 (47.78%)

Meh. I don’t care.: 186 (22.96%)

Yes! I’d actively read it: 143 (17.65%)

No: 94 (11.6%)

I think I will do a monthly update thing on here along with YouTube announcement videos if it’s serious enough. It’ll be easy that way.

7.  Gender?

Male: 791 (97.41%)

Female: 11 (1.35%)

Other / Questioning: 10 (1.23%)

The overwhelmingly male population of my viewership is not a surprise but it is a bit disheartening. Oh well.

8. How did you first hear about my channel?

I discovered it on my own: 701 (85.8%)

Another YouTuber: 70 (8.57%)

Reddit: 14 (1.71%)

Shown to me during class at school: 10 (1.22%)

A friend: 3 (0.37%)

A family member: 2 (0.24%)

Other: 17 (2.08%)

Just the fact that my channel is being discovered at all makes me very grateful.

9. Check if the answer is yes: Have you ever…?

Suggested my channel or a video to someone else: 370 (69.94%)

Openly called yourself a fan of my channel: 303 (57.28%)

Seen my videos at school: 108 (20.42%)

Round round get around. I get around, yeah. *plays Beach Boys music*

10. So, which of my channels do you watch and how much do you watch them?


Highest answer: PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!: 466 (57.32%)

Lowest answer: Not my thing: 1 (0.12%)


Highest answer: I didn’t know that this channel existed: 342 (42.96%)

Lowest answer: I watch practically every video: 70 (8.79%)

EmperorTigerstar 2:

Highest answer: I didn’t know that this channel existed: 477 (61.23%)

Lowest answer: PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!: 16 (2.05%)

Yes, I do have two other channels. Not as active as my main one, but if you do want to subscribe…… EmperorTigerstarAlt       EmperorTigerstar 2

11. Have you ever used Patreon?

No, but I wish I could: 280 (34.65%)

No, not interested: 278 (34.41%)

I have no idea what this is: 231 (28.59%)

Yes: 19 (2.35%)

I do take donations through my Patreon. Obviously I’ll keep making videos without them, so don’t be worried. But I do appreciate those who do donate.

12. On YouTube I watch a lot of…

Most common answer: Gaming channels: 567 (69.74%)

Least common: Vlog channels 147 (18.08%)

No surprise.

13. How do you learn that I have another video out? (Check all that apply)

Subscriber feed on YouTube: 671 (82.53%)

I just go to the channel page: 308 (37.88%)

Email from YouTube: 103 (12.67%)

Twitter: 18 (2.21%)

Reddit: 18 (2.21%)

Other: 45 (4.31%)

Glad to know the subscription feed works for a lot of you. Some channels complain of problems from it.

14. Would you use my videos as educational material for others?

Yes! 450 (55.42%)

Possibly: 296 (36.45%)

No: 32 (3.94%)

Unsure: 34 (4.19%)

My goal is to have educational videos so the fact that the majority of you are willing to use them for such is really awesome.

15. Do you make YouTube videos?

Never have: 463 (57.09%)

No, but I used to: 159 (19.61%)

Yes, but not actively: 151 (18.62%)

Yes! Often!: 38 (4.69%)

Glad to meet other content creators.

16. How many followers do you have on YouTube?

Most common range: 0 – 50: 677 (87.69%)

Least common range: 5,001 – 20,000:  0  (0%)

One person said they had over a million subscribers. Either they’re trolling or HOLY CRAP AWESOME! I want to know who you are!

17. Should I make more or less of this?

Empire/Country Videos: MORE

Everyday videos: MORE

Alternate history videos: MORE

I’ll be happy to make MORE.

18. How much time a day do you spend…?

Reading books or magazines:

Most common answer: 0 – 1 hours a day: 379 (49.22%)

Using the internet:

Most common answer: 4 – 6 hours a day: 308 (38.64%)

Playing video games:

Most common answer: 352 (45.13%)

Reading is great. You should do more of it! 😛

19. How interesting are these areas of history?

Ok, there were a lot of options for this. So, most popular area on average was wars and diplomacy. Least popular was economic history.

20. How much do these time periods interest you?

Lot of options like for 19. Most popular was the World Wars era. Least popular was Ancient History up to 500 BC.

21. How much do these locations in history interest you?

Most popular option was European history while the least popular option was Pre-columbian North American History.

22. Remember those lecture videos I made over Europe 1815 – 1914? Did you like those?

Haven’t seen them: 330 (40.79%)

Yes! Loved them!: 291 (35.97%)

They were ok: 178 (22%)

I didn’t like them: 10 (1.24%)

23. Other lecture ideas (besides the Cold War, which I plan to do) that you’d find interesting?

German History 1750 – Present: 578 (73.82%)

Evolution of Warfare: 481 (61.43%)

American Civil War: 258 (32.95%)

Looks like I’ll do the German one. At least once I get to making the one over the Cold War.

24. Overall, how would you rate my channel on the following? (Out of 10)

Alternate history storylines: 7.24 / 10

My more text-heavy videos: 6.78 / 10

My every ______ videos: 8.55 / 10

Overall aesthetic: 7.9 / 10

Music used, when I use it: 8.12 / 10

How often I make my content: 7.16 / 10

My channel overall: 8.84 / 10

Glad to know i’m doing well. Thank you to everyone who took the survey!

Thank you very much for taking the survey!

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20,000 Viewer’s Choice Allowed Remake List

If you want a remake of an old video of mine, here are the subjects I’ve done that you can ask for a remake.

Empires and Nations

Russia / Russian Empire

Seljuk Empire


Papal States

The Crusader States


Saudi Arabia

Germany / German Empire

Teutonic Order

United States of America

The Caliphate (Rashidun and Umayyads)


Modern Greece



The Japanese Empire


Qin Dynasty of China

The Delhi Sultanate

Empire of Alexander the Great

The Timurid Empire



American Revolution

US Military Intervention in Central America

The Spanish-American War

First Sino-Japanese War

The Chaco War

The Iran-Iraq War

The War of the Pacific

The Falklands War

100 Years War

The Schleswig Wars

The Winter War

The Persian Gulf War

The Ifni War

The Italo-Turkish War

The Greco-Turkish War

The Sino-Indian War

The Polish-Soviet War

Other Topics

Northeast Asia 1900 – Present



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VideoMaps and BlankAtlas Survey Results

Well, here are the results of the survey over my websites VideoMaps and The Blank Atlas.

Thank you everyone for participating. Not all questions required an answer so not all of them had the same amount of answers. In addition, this survey wasn’t expected to change anything too much unless there was absolutely overwhelming demand.

VideoMaps Portion:

1. For VideoMaps, since I made the word, I figured I should define what the word means. For a basic definition, I used: “A VideoMapper is a YouTuber who makes animated maps about real-life historical events or plausible alternate history scenarios based off of past events.” Do you think this is a fair BASIC definition?

Yes: 325 (89.0%)

No: 40 (11.0%)

This question was important. I made the word so I can make the definition and I thought it was fair. But there was a complaint so I wanted to make sure.

2. I also added some specifications to determine what counts as a videomap and what does not. Here are some special types of videos that aren’t just history videos like mine. Please state if you think it should count as a videomap or not.

Ok so there were three options people could pick. The most common answer will be shown for each type of video.

Alternate History: Totally a type of videomap. (282,  78.3%)

I already considered this a type of videomap. Glad people agree.

Future maps: Totally a type of videomap. (231,  64.9%)

I disagree with this still because the future isn’t history. At least alternate history is set in the past and based off of past historical events. Future events don’t require much consideration past 10 years or so and don’t have much legitimacy in my eyes. Maybe the idea is that VideoMaps implies any map that is a video, which is a misconception admittedly. But for now, I can’t say that I will count future videos. I know this issue is divisive in the community and it will probably stay like that.

Talking maps (Old MrOwner&Pwner Style): Totally a type of videomap (154,  43.9%)

No. Sorry, but, countries lighting up and “talking” dialogue doesn’t count as a videomap. Future I can sort of see an argument but this is a completely different style of mapping. Now that I think about it, several future videos use this type of style too. In addition, these mappers (and futurers) already have their own group and this group is too different.

3. I had a forum for videomaps and I’m making a new one. But do you guys want one? Would you use it?

Yes: 160 (44.8%)

No: 25 (7%)

I don’t care: (48.2%)

The first forums weren’t super active and they do take time to make even with easy service websites so if most people don’t care I might not make one but it’s pretty divided so I’ll still consider it.

BlankAtlas portion:

4. I currently have it set up to where maps are organized in folders based off of the location of the map. You can see who uploaded the map on the actual page of the map. I do not give artists their own exclusive folders because then similar maps aren’t as easy to find. Do you think this is fair to keep it sorted by LOCATION and not ARTIST?

Yes: 229 (72.5%)

No: 21 (6.6%)

Indifferent 66 (20.9%)

People search for the map, not the artist who made the map. Artists can give themselves credit by adding their name in the description when they upload the map. Unfortunately the website builder I use doesn’t support tags so it’s either display the maps by location or artist and I chose location. Glad the majority agree.

5. There are some rules on what maps you can and cannot upload. I want you to rate on how much you agree with these rules.

I gave choices ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The top 2 answers will be shown for the rule.

Alternate History maps are allowed but separated to be in their own folder.

Strongly Agree: 159 (51.0%)

Agree: 124 (39.74%)

Glad you agree with the separation.

No future maps.

Neutral: 89 (28.7%)

Strongly Disagree: 60 (19.35%)

This one was surprisingly divided. The third highest was actually strongly agree with 18.1%. I think that people are going to want accurate maps and even alternate history maps are a stretch for me if they’re not from popular culture. People are going to be searching for accurate historical or modern maps and future maps would just clutter the limited space I have on the website.

No flag maps, as they are not blank maps.

Neutral: 104 (34.0%)

Agree: 61 (19.9%)

A bit divided as well but not as much as the future maps. The site is called the BLANK atlas. Blank maps are what it has. Flag maps aren’t blank in my eyes. The maps are meant to be easily color-edited on programs like paint and flags don’t make the maps like that.

Maps with color are allowed if the colors are solid and uniform.

Strongly agree: 140 (45.2%)

Agree: 89 (28.71%)

A common sense rule. Glad we agree.

6. For specifically flag maps, I don’t allow them because I. It’s not blank II. It’s not easy to edit them with a single click like maps with color and III. A website about blank maps doesn’t need maps that aren’t blank. Do you think it’s unfair I don’t include flag maps?

Totally fair: 90 (29.4%)

Unfair: 35 (11.4%)

Maybe give them their own folder like with alternate history maps?: 181 (59.2%)

Maybe I’d give flag maps their own folder…I don’t want to because it’s the BLANK atlas, but I’ll consider it.

Thanks again for taking the survey. Overall the people are satisfied with both websites and more people are using them, which is wonderful. Thanks for helping their growth.

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VideoMaps is Back Online

Videomaps is finally back after being worked on. There are some notable changes in both who’s featured on there as well as site features. A major problem was that on the criteria to become a videomapper, you needed videomaps as your main focus. However I failed to specify how constantly you needed to keep making them to remain a videomapper. Consequently some featured users who haven’t made a legitimate video map in over a year or have declared that they are finished with videomaps have been removed. In addition, a charts page has been created where you can see stats of the top videomappers.

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