20,000 Viewer’s Choice Allowed Remake List

If you want a remake of an old video of mine, here are the subjects I’ve done that you can ask for a remake.

Empires and Nations

Russia / Russian Empire

Seljuk Empire


Papal States

The Crusader States


Saudi Arabia

Germany / German Empire

Teutonic Order

United States of America

The Caliphate (Rashidun and Umayyads)


Modern Greece



The Japanese Empire


Qin Dynasty of China

The Delhi Sultanate

Empire of Alexander the Great

The Timurid Empire



American Revolution

US Military Intervention in Central America

The Spanish-American War

First Sino-Japanese War

The Chaco War

The Iran-Iraq War

The War of the Pacific

The Falklands War

100 Years War

The Schleswig Wars

The Winter War

The Persian Gulf War

The Ifni War

The Italo-Turkish War

The Greco-Turkish War

The Sino-Indian War

The Polish-Soviet War

Other Topics

Northeast Asia 1900 – Present



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VideoMaps and BlankAtlas Survey Results

Well, here are the results of the survey over my websites VideoMaps and The Blank Atlas.

Thank you everyone for participating. Not all questions required an answer so not all of them had the same amount of answers. In addition, this survey wasn’t expected to change anything too much unless there was absolutely overwhelming demand.

VideoMaps Portion:

1. For VideoMaps, since I made the word, I figured I should define what the word means. For a basic definition, I used: “A VideoMapper is a YouTuber who makes animated maps about real-life historical events or plausible alternate history scenarios based off of past events.” Do you think this is a fair BASIC definition?

Yes: 325 (89.0%)

No: 40 (11.0%)

This question was important. I made the word so I can make the definition and I thought it was fair. But there was a complaint so I wanted to make sure.

2. I also added some specifications to determine what counts as a videomap and what does not. Here are some special types of videos that aren’t just history videos like mine. Please state if you think it should count as a videomap or not.

Ok so there were three options people could pick. The most common answer will be shown for each type of video.

Alternate History: Totally a type of videomap. (282,  78.3%)

I already considered this a type of videomap. Glad people agree.

Future maps: Totally a type of videomap. (231,  64.9%)

I disagree with this still because the future isn’t history. At least alternate history is set in the past and based off of past historical events. Future events don’t require much consideration past 10 years or so and don’t have much legitimacy in my eyes. Maybe the idea is that VideoMaps implies any map that is a video, which is a misconception admittedly. But for now, I can’t say that I will count future videos. I know this issue is divisive in the community and it will probably stay like that.

Talking maps (Old MrOwner&Pwner Style): Totally a type of videomap (154,  43.9%)

No. Sorry, but, countries lighting up and “talking” dialogue doesn’t count as a videomap. Future I can sort of see an argument but this is a completely different style of mapping. Now that I think about it, several future videos use this type of style too. In addition, these mappers (and futurers) already have their own group and this group is too different.

3. I had a forum for videomaps and I’m making a new one. But do you guys want one? Would you use it?

Yes: 160 (44.8%)

No: 25 (7%)

I don’t care: (48.2%)

The first forums weren’t super active and they do take time to make even with easy service websites so if most people don’t care I might not make one but it’s pretty divided so I’ll still consider it.

BlankAtlas portion:

4. I currently have it set up to where maps are organized in folders based off of the location of the map. You can see who uploaded the map on the actual page of the map. I do not give artists their own exclusive folders because then similar maps aren’t as easy to find. Do you think this is fair to keep it sorted by LOCATION and not ARTIST?

Yes: 229 (72.5%)

No: 21 (6.6%)

Indifferent 66 (20.9%)

People search for the map, not the artist who made the map. Artists can give themselves credit by adding their name in the description when they upload the map. Unfortunately the website builder I use doesn’t support tags so it’s either display the maps by location or artist and I chose location. Glad the majority agree.

5. There are some rules on what maps you can and cannot upload. I want you to rate on how much you agree with these rules.

I gave choices ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The top 2 answers will be shown for the rule.

Alternate History maps are allowed but separated to be in their own folder.

Strongly Agree: 159 (51.0%)

Agree: 124 (39.74%)

Glad you agree with the separation.

No future maps.

Neutral: 89 (28.7%)

Strongly Disagree: 60 (19.35%)

This one was surprisingly divided. The third highest was actually strongly agree with 18.1%. I think that people are going to want accurate maps and even alternate history maps are a stretch for me if they’re not from popular culture. People are going to be searching for accurate historical or modern maps and future maps would just clutter the limited space I have on the website.

No flag maps, as they are not blank maps.

Neutral: 104 (34.0%)

Agree: 61 (19.9%)

A bit divided as well but not as much as the future maps. The site is called the BLANK atlas. Blank maps are what it has. Flag maps aren’t blank in my eyes. The maps are meant to be easily color-edited on programs like paint and flags don’t make the maps like that.

Maps with color are allowed if the colors are solid and uniform.

Strongly agree: 140 (45.2%)

Agree: 89 (28.71%)

A common sense rule. Glad we agree.

6. For specifically flag maps, I don’t allow them because I. It’s not blank II. It’s not easy to edit them with a single click like maps with color and III. A website about blank maps doesn’t need maps that aren’t blank. Do you think it’s unfair I don’t include flag maps?

Totally fair: 90 (29.4%)

Unfair: 35 (11.4%)

Maybe give them their own folder like with alternate history maps?: 181 (59.2%)

Maybe I’d give flag maps their own folder…I don’t want to because it’s the BLANK atlas, but I’ll consider it.

Thanks again for taking the survey. Overall the people are satisfied with both websites and more people are using them, which is wonderful. Thanks for helping their growth.

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VideoMaps is Back Online

Videomaps is finally back after being worked on. There are some notable changes in both who’s featured on there as well as site features. A major problem was that on the criteria to become a videomapper, you needed videomaps as your main focus. However I failed to specify how constantly you needed to keep making them to remain a videomapper. Consequently some featured users who haven’t made a legitimate video map in over a year or have declared that they are finished with videomaps have been removed. In addition, a charts page has been created where you can see stats of the top videomappers.


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Videomaps Under Construction

Videomaps never went how I visioned it, so it is currently under construction and being changed. Instead of being a news site about the world of videomappers, it will be more of a website that represents videomappers by being in a sense a glossary of videomappers, like an online phonebook in a way. There will still be forums. Hopefully I’ll get things done soon.

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Updates for 2015!

It has been a while since a major blog post on here. Sorry. But since the year 2014 is basically over, here’s a post on what to overall expect for 2015. Naturally things will change but this is mostly meant for stuff for the first part of the year.


For my main YouTube channel, things will kick back as usual come New Years. As I already announced, World War II in the Pacific: Every Day will be uploaded on that day thus finally completing World War II every day videos. I’m going to try to have a special video (like more every-days, rise and fall of empires, etc.) on the 1st of each month while having normal simple explanation videos in between. I want to make an animated map for EVERY possible historical event that can be accurately mapped so there’s still so much to go. There are also a few important anniversaries in 2015 that will call for some videos. As for what they are, you’ll have to wait and see. As for now, I have all videos planned/scheduled up to May as of now, so if you request something I’m sorry to say that if it’s not on the list, don’t expect it for a while.


For my alternate history YouTube channel, things will stay the same except for one thing: As requested, I’ll try to have it to where I pick two or three scenarios and you guys vote on which one you want (or at least which one you’ll see first as I’ll make them all eventually). Odds are a voting selection will be for each month. Expect a more regular schedule of at least one scenario a month (so like 2 – 3 videos on average) beginning in January although for now I can’t say when.


Yeah, my other channel that for now is basically “other stuff I do”. I’ll try to make more music as it’s fun. But don’t expect an album a month or something. My first album was two months in the making and I want to try to make the quality of the music sound better. As for minecraft stuff, don’t expect any lets plays of any kind. Just an occasional video of me bragging about my accomplishments on there. XD Will there be other videos posted on there? Perhaps, but for now I can’t think of anything else.

The Blank Atlas

I just did a huge reorganization of the maps and made new rules/guidelines for posting maps. Here’s a post I recently made about that which contains the rules. Read them after you read this.

Last time I checked, (the day I posted this) there are a total of 359 maps, much larger than I ever hoped. There are also 93 members! Thank you to everyone who joined and contributed the maps. I hope that the website helps mappers in finding good blank maps.


Yeah…this website didn’t quite go as planned. I never really kept up with the blog talking about new videos from every mapper. Keeping track of all the mappers is a very hard task too. There’s a lot more than you think. That’s why the major videomappers list has subscriber requirements to be on there. I’ll keep the website for now but don’t expect anything major on it besides the occasional updating of the list. However, the forums are doing pretty well if you want to post on there.

My Forums

Man these forums are hardly active at all. I only keep them in the hopes that they might. The heading is a link to them by the way. You should sign up if you want to chat there. XD


2014 was an amazing year! I passed 10,000 subs on YouTube, got my first video over 2.5 million views, several others past 100,000 views, and overall had the best year on YouTube. As for another update, as you probably have noticed, on my popular videos I have added ads so I can make some YouTube revenue and I’m happy to say that thanks to you guys I am earning money so I can save up money for college, car stuff, and so on. With your guys’ amazing support I might be able to eventually have a living off of this channel altogether. Regardless, I plan to continue this channel for a long, long, time.

Have a wonderful New Year.

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The Blank Atlas: New Rules and Guidelines

I just reorganized all the maps on the website by removing ones that were duplicates or that broke the rules and by also putting maps in proper folders.

I’d like to stress that the website is NOT a website for simply storing your personal maps in your own personal folder. The maps are meant to be organized by categories of region or time period. In addition, these maps are to be uploaded so that EVERY person who can see them can download them and use them.

However, after updating the photo gallery, I went to log on to the site-builder to edit the website altogether to make a new page for these rules. But it wasn’t working due to some down-time. So here are the rules posted here on posting maps as well as guidelines.


1. Make sure the map is not copyrighted. This is very important!

2. If the map is an alternate history map, YOU MUST POST IT IN THE “CUSTOM ALTERNATE HISTORY” FOLDER.

3. No “future” maps of any kind please. No, those don’t count as alternate history.

4. No flag maps. That’s not a blank map.

5. Colors on the map are allowed, but only if they’re uniform. That means you can’t have multiple countries as the same color unless it means they’re a part of a union or something. Colors need to be unique per political entity.

6. Post maps in the right folder. If there’s not a folder that works, simply post it in the world map folders and I’ll move it to the right place. Or I’ll make a new folder if we need it.

7. Upload it in a .png file please. Editing-quality is important

8. No duplicates maps.

Now, here are some important guidelines. When you post a map, ask yourself:

-Is this a legitimate blank map? As in no labels (except for maybe a key)?

-Is it in a .png format properly? To test, paste the map onto Windows Paint and use the fill tool. If it fills it in perfectly without revealing a pixelated border then it’s good. If it only fills in like 1 – 4 pixels and there’s no border blocking it, then the map isn’t good quality.

-Is it a pointless duplicate? If you’re making, say, a map of Europe in the year 1914, make sure it’s either a unique projection, size, base color, or overall style. If not, no offense, but the map is pointless and it wastes storage space, which IS limited. It’s not like it’s close to being full, far from it, but if we someday have thousands of maps, it may become a problem. So don’t post pointless duplicates.


Thank you for following these guidelines. By doing so, The Blank Atlas remains a nicely organized website to help any mapper in need of a blank map.

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Patreon and Ads: What You Should Know

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Most of you should know what’s going on as I still make announcements on my YouTube channel but just in case I have a few announcements here. First off, I’m using Patreon now. Patreon is a donation service that kind of works like Kickstarter. I made a video on that in case you missed it. But I really do wish to make a living off of my videos without using too much annoying ads. So I came up with a compromise. In addition to Patreon, I will use advertisements for videos of mine with over 90,000 views so that way newer videos won’t have ads and videos you’ve all seen before a dozen times will so it wouldn’t be that inconvenient. Plus I’ll try to use pop up ads over video ads. When will I enact these ads? I’m not sure. I’ll probably do so before November.

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