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I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.

Overarching vs Precision

I recently made an unusual decision: splitting a video into 3. I was originally going to do The History of Africa: Every Year, but the shape of Africa proved to be too tall with too many countries within for me … Continue reading

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You know, I feel like people take definitions for granted. Words mean something. But also, people are used to buzzwords and generalizations to conform definitions to what they think of. For example, the definitions of liberal and conservative aren’t left … Continue reading

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My Take on the Illusion of Numbers

One of the oldest philosophical debates is on the idea on the reality of the concepts of numbers. That seems awfully silly at first glance. Why are numbers illusions? We use them all the time, not to mention mathematics contains … Continue reading

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The Many Complexities of Mapping Historical Southeast Asia

I promised a video over the History of Southeast Asia: Every Year for my channel for the end of February / beginning of March. Doesn’t look like that’s gonna be quite on time, which isn’t the biggest surprise since my … Continue reading

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Working on an Album, a Real Album

Wow, this absence was even longer than the last one. A whole year! Well don’t worry I really want to keep this blog alive so I’ll post on it more. I’ll aim to maybe have one post per week whether … Continue reading

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2017 Projects and Their Progress

Wow it’s been a while since an update. Sorry about that. I’d thought I’d make a post talking about projects for my channel I’ll work on this year.   Main channel: Projects I’m currently working on: Other than a few … Continue reading

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2016 Fan Survey Results

Sorry for nearly a year of inactivity on this blog. Hopefully that’ll change. But for now here’s the results of the 2016 Fan Survey. 1018 participants in total (compared to 1055 last year) The questions are slightly different than last … Continue reading

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