Working on an Album, a Real Album

Wow, this absence was even longer than the last one. A whole year! Well don’t worry I really want to keep this blog alive so I’ll post on it more. I’ll aim to maybe have one post per week whether it’s related to my youtube channel or something personal.

For this week, I’m talking about a personal project of mine, to make an album.

Now, if you follow me or my music channel, you’ll know I technically do have albums already. But this time I’m aiming for more of a real album. The previous “albums” I’ve made are songs I’ve made hastily on my phone when bored and might have taken a week to put together. Plus not all of the songs have the best quality. This time I really want to work on a legit album, one I can be proud of.

I recently acquired an electric guitar that I plan to use. Before I just used the electric guitar in garageband on my phone. While it sounds ok, it’s pretty generic and limited in sound. After a while it’s hard not to notice how fake it really is. Plus it can’t do cool tricks like string-scratching and in terms of pedal effects it’s very limited. So hopefully using a real electric guitar I can add more emotion and technique to the album. Plus my blue yeti surprisingly records its sound well.

As for what the album is about, I do plan to make it a concept album of sorts. It is my ultimate music dream to have a Pink Floyd-esque album I can be proud of, eventually make on vinyl, and keep a copy at least for myself as an archived work, a legacy of some kind. Not even legacy in the pretentious level of self-importance, but legacy in the sense of I’ll feel proud of what I’ve accomplished after being obsessed with music for all of these years.

Plus who wouldn’t want an album of their own music to keep? It makes it seem more real.

As I work on the album I’ll post updates about it here. Hopefully I can finish it by summer at least. Here’s to a productive year.


About EmperorTigerstar

I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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