Fall Survey 2015 Results

I’m glad I waited a month because this survey got over 1000 people! Way more than usual.

Question 1: Have you taken these surveys before?

Yes: 596 (56.6%)

  • All of them: 106 (10.1%)

No: 457 (43.4%)

Question 2: What age group are you in?

Under 13: 63 (5.98%)

13 – 15: 389 (36.5%)

16 – 18: 394 (37.4%)

19 – 21: 121 (11.5%)

22 – 30: 61 (5.79%)

31 – 40: 12 (1.14%)

Over 40: 13 (1.23%)

3. When you find a video you love, what do you typically do?

This question was so that I can see if people shared my videos. The great majority liked the videos (85.9%) but if they shared it, 234 people (23.8%) said they’d share it with friends and family, far more than on another social media website. Which is actually kind of cool. Word of mouth is a great thing.

4. What do you follow/subscribe to EmperorTigerstar on?

All of you are subscribed to my channel. No surprise there. However my social media isn’t nearly as followed, which is expected. But the numbers being so low make me wonder if I need these networks. I certainly won’t get rid of them but I probably won’t make any more. 50 said they actively read my subreddit, which is cool.

5. What do you want more of on EmperorTigerstar?

No surprise: Nearly all of you said “every day” type videos and “Rise and fall of” type videos. (72 and 71% respectively)

6 – 8: Do you know about my alternate history channel? Should I be active on it? What if I stopped for most of the year?

I feel like keeping up with my alternate history channel is too much effort. I need original ideas and I always feel like it always ends up becoming an alternate WW1 and WW2 scenario. Plus with college and work, any free time I have I’d rather give towards my main channel than my alternate history channel. Only 24.6% of you guys said you were active watchers or subscribed to my channel, meaning that if this isn’t what the majority of my audience wants, then I shouldn’t devote as much time to it. Then again, out of the people who do watch it, they don’t want me to stop making them, or at least half of them. The other half was fine other way. For the future of EmperorTigerstarAlt, who knows? I won’t delete the channel for now, but it’ll at least be on the backburner until I have more time. Maybe there will be a few small scenarios coming up.

9. If you want to find out about new things related to EmperorTigerstar, what do you use?

Announcement videos – 925 (87.7%)

Announcements are of no concern to me – 106 (10.1%)

Other – 54 (8.91%)

Since you could pick multiple options, and these two were the highest, the other options had less than 5% each, meaning that continuing with announcement videos are fine.

10. Which country or region of the world do you live in?

USA – 396 (37.5%)

Europe (excluding UK and former USSR) – 346 (32.8%)

UK – 98 (9.3%)

Canada – 73 (6.9%)

Asia (excluding Middle East and former USSR) – 32 (3%)

South America – 31 (2.9%)

Australia and Oceania – 28 (2.7%)

Former USSR – 24 (2.3%)

Middle-East – 19 (1.8%)

Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean – 5 (0.5%)

Africa – 3 (0.3%)

11. Gender?

It’s sad to see that the female audience isn’t larger. Oh well.

Male – 1026 (97.3%)

Female – 11 (1%)

Transgender – 10 (1%)

Questioning/Other – 8 (0.7%)

12. Where did you first hear about EmperorTigerstar?

Randomly on Youtube – (85.5%)

No surprise there. 70 (6.6%) of you said you heard about me from another YouTube channel, which is awesome! Some of you said that you heard about me from word of mouth from friends and family. Even though it’s less than 2%, that’s super awesome and I really appreciate it.

13. When it comes to EmperorTigerstar and school, has EmperorTigerstar been used for…?

This question was about seeing if my channel had been used by schools for academic stuff. As an educational channel, I really do wish that more schools could use my stuff. There were a lot of options so the list shows the percentage where people said they’ve seen my videos used AT LEAST ONCE in various scenarios.

Used for lessons at a public school – 233 (22.1%)

Used for homework – 240 (22.7%)

Outside of that, the numbers for colleges or for outside of class were extremely low. But I’m glad that it’s starting to spread more.

14. Would you recommend EmperorTigerstar to…?

A friend – 643 (60.9%)

A family member – 424 (40.2%)

A teacher – 571 (54.1%)

Your viewing audience if you have a channel – 563 (53.4%)

15. How would you rate the quality of the following?

This was out of 10.

Educational value of the videos: 8.65 / 10

Entertainment value of the videos: 8.17 / 10

Music in the videos (when used): 7.73 / 10

Overall channel: 8.61 / 10

Glad you think I’m doing well. 🙂

16. Assuming you have a YouTube channel, how many subscribers do you have?

Just a question of curiosity. Also having larger channels subscribed to me is kind of awesome.

0 – 50 subs: 640 (81.6%)

51 – 100 subs: 53 (6.8%)

101 – 250 subs: 33 (2.4%)

251 – 500 subs: 24 (3.1%)

501 – 2000 subs: 14 (1.8%)

2001 – 5000 subs: 7 (0.9%)

5001 – 20,000 subs: 3 (0.4%)

Over 20,000: 10 (1.3%)

17. How long have you been subscribed to EmperorTigerstar?

Nice to know that my channel is growing well but that I can still maintain a lot of original subscribers.

2009 – 13 (1.2%)

2010 – 10 (1%)

2011 – 31 (2.9%)

2012 – 61 (5.8%)

2013 – 215 (20.4%)

2014 – 406 (38.5%)

2015 – 319 (30.2%)

18. Which areas of the world should I cover more or less from?

Overall consensus was that everyone wanted more videos from everywhere but Australia and the Americas. For those continents, the same amount was fine.

19. Which time periods should I cover more or less of?

None of the time periods were ones people wanted less of. In fact, everyone wanted more from each. That’s good.

20. Do you like getting these overall channel surveys twice a year?

Doesn’t matter to me – 382 (36.2%)

You can do it for more than twice a year for all I care – 347 (32.9%)

Yes! – 317 (30.1%)

No – 9 (0.9%)

I’ll probably do surveys only once a year next time. Thanks for taking the survey and being patient for the results.


About EmperorTigerstar

I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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