My Simple yet Massive Coca-Cola Review

College is wonderful because I have access to a lot of drinks I can’t find anywhere else, especially soda. I am a huge fan of Coke and there are several varieties of the original flavor. Yes, I’m not talking about vanilla coke, cherry coke, etc., but the products that are related to the original flavor. So then what’s the difference then? The sweetener. Here are the different Cokes I’m reviewing:

Coca-Cola (Current USA formula, with high fructose corn-syrup)

Mexican Coke (Original USA formula, coke with real cane sugar)

Argentinian Coke / Coke Life (Real cane sugar and stevia)

Coke Zero (USA formula with alterations to make it 0 calories)

Diet Coke (Aspartane, aka 0 sugar)

Now, how would I rate them overall?

Mexican Coke: 10/10

Coca-Cola: 9.5/10

Argentinian Coke: 7/10

Coke Zero: 6.5/10

Diet Coke: 3/10

Is this all purely on taste? No. It’s a mix of taste, texture, after taste, and after feeling. Let’s rank them all based on taste alone first, not after taste, texture, and feeling.

  1. Coca – Cola: It’s sweet and has bite in every drink.
  2. Mexican Coke: Sweet and with bite, but slightly less so.
  3. Argentinian Coke: Tastes like a Mexican Coke initially.
  4. Coke Zero: Tastes like a stale coca-cola to me.
  5. Diet Coke: So horrible I always want to spill it out.

Now, based on after taste.

  1. Mexican Coke / Coca-Cola (tied): Both have that same unique after taste.
  2. Argentinian Coke: Has a weird tea-like aftertaste.
  3. Coke Zero: The after taste is weird to say the least.
  4. Diet Coke: Sorry, disgusting.

Now, based on texture. So what do I mean by texture when it’s all liquid? Well, there’s the fizz of the soda and the feeling as it goes down your throat which is surprisingly important if you pay attention when you drink your soda.

  1. Mexican Coke: Feels nice and smooth.
  2. Coca-Cola: More fizzy than Mexican Coke.
  3. Coke Zero: Surprisingly like the normal Coke.
  4. Argentinian Coke: Hard to tell really, but smooth. Just…less evident.
  5. Diet Coke: Any surprise here?

Now, based on after feeling. Do I feel peppy? Sluggish? Sick?

  1. Mexican Coke: Not sluggish at all. My stomach feels great.
  2. Coca-Cola: My stomach personally feels fine but I feel sluggish and less energetic.
  3. Argentinian Coke: Not sluggish, stomach is fine, but…for some reason it just feels different.
  4. Coke Zero / Diet Coke: Sluggish is the key word here.

So overall Mexican Coke is the winner because the taste is sweet with a bite, goes down smoothly, and I don’t feel bad for drinking it. Normal Coke is close to that but slightly more acidic, sweet, and sluggish in just enough of a way to make a difference. Argentinian Coke is OK but is almost an acquired taste. Coke Zero is fine if you are desperate for a soda. Diet Soda is a scourge that must be eliminated from the planet.


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I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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