Updates for 2015!

It has been a while since a major blog post on here. Sorry. But since the year 2014 is basically over, here’s a post on what to overall expect for 2015. Naturally things will change but this is mostly meant for stuff for the first part of the year.


For my main YouTube channel, things will kick back as usual come New Years. As I already announced, World War II in the Pacific: Every Day will be uploaded on that day thus finally completing World War II every day videos. I’m going to try to have a special video (like more every-days, rise and fall of empires, etc.) on the 1st of each month while having normal simple explanation videos in between. I want to make an animated map for EVERY possible historical event that can be accurately mapped so there’s still so much to go. There are also a few important anniversaries in 2015 that will call for some videos. As for what they are, you’ll have to wait and see. As for now, I have all videos planned/scheduled up to May as of now, so if you request something I’m sorry to say that if it’s not on the list, don’t expect it for a while.


For my alternate history YouTube channel, things will stay the same except for one thing: As requested, I’ll try to have it to where I pick two or three scenarios and you guys vote on which one you want (or at least which one you’ll see first as I’ll make them all eventually). Odds are a voting selection will be for each month. Expect a more regular schedule of at least one scenario a month (so like 2 – 3 videos on average) beginning in January although for now I can’t say when.


Yeah, my other channel that for now is basically “other stuff I do”. I’ll try to make more music as it’s fun. But don’t expect an album a month or something. My first album was two months in the making and I want to try to make the quality of the music sound better. As for minecraft stuff, don’t expect any lets plays of any kind. Just an occasional video of me bragging about my accomplishments on there. XD Will there be other videos posted on there? Perhaps, but for now I can’t think of anything else.

The Blank Atlas

I just did a huge reorganization of the maps and made new rules/guidelines for posting maps. Here’s a post I recently made about that which contains the rules. Read them after you read this.

Last time I checked, (the day I posted this) there are a total of 359 maps, much larger than I ever hoped. There are also 93 members! Thank you to everyone who joined and contributed the maps. I hope that the website helps mappers in finding good blank maps.


Yeah…this website didn’t quite go as planned. I never really kept up with the blog talking about new videos from every mapper. Keeping track of all the mappers is a very hard task too. There’s a lot more than you think. That’s why the major videomappers list has subscriber requirements to be on there. I’ll keep the website for now but don’t expect anything major on it besides the occasional updating of the list. However, the forums are doing pretty well if you want to post on there.

My Forums

Man these forums are hardly active at all. I only keep them in the hopes that they might. The heading is a link to them by the way. You should sign up if you want to chat there. XD


2014 was an amazing year! I passed 10,000 subs on YouTube, got my first video over 2.5 million views, several others past 100,000 views, and overall had the best year on YouTube. As for another update, as you probably have noticed, on my popular videos I have added ads so I can make some YouTube revenue and I’m happy to say that thanks to you guys I am earning money so I can save up money for college, car stuff, and so on. With your guys’ amazing support I might be able to eventually have a living off of this channel altogether. Regardless, I plan to continue this channel for a long, long, time.

Have a wonderful New Year.


About EmperorTigerstar

I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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