The Blank Atlas: New Rules and Guidelines

I just reorganized all the maps on the website by removing ones that were duplicates or that broke the rules and by also putting maps in proper folders.

I’d like to stress that the website is NOT a website for simply storing your personal maps in your own personal folder. The maps are meant to be organized by categories of region or time period. In addition, these maps are to be uploaded so that EVERY person who can see them can download them and use them.

However, after updating the photo gallery, I went to log on to the site-builder to edit the website altogether to make a new page for these rules. But it wasn’t working due to some down-time. So here are the rules posted here on posting maps as well as guidelines.


1. Make sure the map is not copyrighted. This is very important!

2. If the map is an alternate history map, YOU MUST POST IT IN THE “CUSTOM ALTERNATE HISTORY” FOLDER.

3. No “future” maps of any kind please. No, those don’t count as alternate history.

4. No flag maps. That’s not a blank map.

5. Colors on the map are allowed, but only if they’re uniform. That means you can’t have multiple countries as the same color unless it means they’re a part of a union or something. Colors need to be unique per political entity.

6. Post maps in the right folder. If there’s not a folder that works, simply post it in the world map folders and I’ll move it to the right place. Or I’ll make a new folder if we need it.

7. Upload it in a .png file please. Editing-quality is important

8. No duplicates maps.

Now, here are some important guidelines. When you post a map, ask yourself:

-Is this a legitimate blank map? As in no labels (except for maybe a key)?

-Is it in a .png format properly? To test, paste the map onto Windows Paint and use the fill tool. If it fills it in perfectly without revealing a pixelated border then it’s good. If it only fills in like 1 – 4 pixels and there’s no border blocking it, then the map isn’t good quality.

-Is it a pointless duplicate? If you’re making, say, a map of Europe in the year 1914, make sure it’s either a unique projection, size, base color, or overall style. If not, no offense, but the map is pointless and it wastes storage space, which IS limited. It’s not like it’s close to being full, far from it, but if we someday have thousands of maps, it may become a problem. So don’t post pointless duplicates.


Thank you for following these guidelines. By doing so, The Blank Atlas remains a nicely organized website to help any mapper in need of a blank map.


About EmperorTigerstar

I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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