Patreon and Ads: What You Should Know

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Most of you should know what’s going on as I still make announcements on my YouTube channel but just in case I have a few announcements here. First off, I’m using Patreon now. Patreon is a donation service that kind of works like Kickstarter. I made a video on that in case you missed it. But I really do wish to make a living off of my videos without using too much annoying ads. So I came up with a compromise. In addition to Patreon, I will use advertisements for videos of mine with over 90,000 views so that way newer videos won’t have ads and videos you’ve all seen before a dozen times will so it wouldn’t be that inconvenient. Plus I’ll try to use pop up ads over video ads. When will I enact these ads? I’m not sure. I’ll probably do so before November.


About EmperorTigerstar

I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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