Survey II Results

Well, the second (third if you count the one I made but had to delete since it only allowed 150 responses…) survey is over and I am now going to post the results since the number of responses per hour has stabilized for the past day or so. In total, 359 of you have participated in this survey. Thank you everyone who took their time to do this! So here are the questions, results, and why I had each question. Keep in mind that some questions towards the end that weren’t about my channels didn’t have to be answered, which is why numbers and percentages are posted.

1. How often do you watch EmperorTigerstar? Well, I need to know how many of you are big fans and how many are occasional viewers. If the majority of the 359 were only occasional viewers, then this survey wouldn’t be taken seriously. Here are the results:

  • I am subscribed and I watch every video when it comes out. (197 / 54.9%)
  • I’m subscribed and I watch videos multiple times. (83 / 23.1%)
  • I watch several videos. (76 / 21.2%)
  • I’ve seen one or two videos. (3 / 0.8%)

2. Check all that apply: This question was asking what you may have followed me on, if you followed me at all. Some viewers may not have the means or interest to make a YouTube account just so they can subscribe to me. Since you can check more than one, these results don’t add up to 100%.

  • I’m subscribed to EmperorTigerstar on YouTube. (342 / 95.3%)
  • I watch EmperorTigerstar on YouTube, but I’m not subscribed. (18 / 5%)
  • I follow EmperorTigerstar on Twitter. (17 / 4.7%)
  • I am a member of EmperorTigerstar’s website The Blank Atlas. (13 / 3.6%)
  • I follow EmperorTigerstar on Google Plus. (12 / 3.3%)
  • Other social networks / blog / forum (16 / 4.4%)

3. Which of these did you know EmperorTigerstar had? Ok, this question was flawed because I forgot a “none of these” option, which was needed since obviously all of you know about my YouTube account. Considering how few followed me on other social networks, the numbers were very likely flawed since everyone had to put an answer. So instead of results, here’s a summary of what you can follow me on and what you’ll get:

Twitter: Recieve alerts/links of new videos and occasional quips.

Tumblr: Video alerts / links. You can also ask me stuff. I will answer.

Blog: Updates and announcements such as this post! You’re already here.

Forum: Discuss about history stuff. Please. xD

Google Plus: I’m not even gonna answer this for you. You YouTubers should know by now.

The Blank Atlas: This is a website in which members can upload blank maps. If you make videos like mine and you can’t find a blank map, please check here. You might find one!

4. Please rate the quality of the following: I wanted to know how awesome you thought my videos were in various aspects. They were 1 (below average), 2 (average), 3 (above average), and 4 (perfect). Here are the average numbers for each.

  • Visual Quality (Average: 3.10)
  • Educational Value (Average: 3.52)
  • Music (When I Use it) (Average: 2.88)

5. Would you want lectures despite possibly not perfect quality in audio and visuals? Basically, do you want me to talk about stuff occasionally? Maybe a series on something? I’ve honestly been thinking about perhaps a series over the Cold War of Congress Europe. A lot of you seemed happy about the idea.

  • Yes! Lectures on anything history related! (128 / 36.6%)
  • Yes! Make a series on something! (100 / 28.6%)
  • Indifferent. (62 / 17.7%)
  • Yes! But only for current events. (38 / 10.9%)
  • No. (22 / 6.3%)

6. Rate in order of what you prefer: This question involved types of history and you all ranked which ones you liked best down to worst. Here’s how many of you put each category as your favorite:

  • Modern warfare / Wars past 1850: 175 (50%)
  • Wars before 1850: 115 (32.86%)
  • Politics / Diplomacy: 32 (9.14%)
  • Culture / Religion: 15 (4.29%)
  • Exploration: 13 (3.71%)

While I do not participate in my own surveys, you all ranked them largely in the order I would have.

7. Favorite Empire? I was curious about this one. A lot of you liked the German Empire (1871 – 1918), which surprised me. Here were the top 5 results, not including the “other” option:

  • Roman Empire (Including Byzantines): 94 / 26.9%
  • German Empire (1871 – 1918): 52 / 14.9%
  • British Empire: 33 / 9.4%
  • I don’t have a favorite empire: 28 / 8%
  • Ottoman Empire / Mongol Empire (tie) 17 each / 4.9% each

8. What continent / region do you reside in? Again, just curious. Nice to know I have viewers on each of these and people from each region that participated.

  • Europe (including Asian Russia): 179 (51.9%)
  • North America: 135 (39.1%)
  • Asia (excluding Russia and the Middle-East): 10 (2.9%)
  • Australia and Oceania: 10 (2.9%)
  • South America: 6 (1.7%)
  • Middle-East (excluding Egypt): 4 (1.2%)
  • Africa: 1 (0.3%)

9. What do you think about EmperorTigerstar’s alternate history channel “EmperorTigerstarAlt”? I was sure that a lot of you don’t know about it. Glad to know that those who didn’t were interested. Here’s the link to my alternate history channel:

  • Wait…he has an alternate history channel? I’M IN! 146 (42.3%)
  • I’m already subscribed and I watch it. 125 (36.2%)
  • I know about them but I don’t watch them. 50 (14.5%)
  • Wait…he has an alternate history channel? Not interested. 24 (7%)

10. Favorite color? By this point, I’m just asking random stuff. xD There were a lot of options, so here are the top 3:

  • Blue 95 / 27.6%
  • Red 75 / 21.8%
  • Green 49 / 14.2%

11. Pepsi vs Coke?!? Just curious. I know that some countries, Coke and Pepsi change their taste slightly to account for local trends in drink. For example, Coke in the UK is supposed to be slightly sweeter in taste.

  • Coke for the win!!! 108 (31.5%)
  • I don’t drink soda. 80 (23.3%)
  • I like them all. Can’t we just get along? 52 (15.2%)
  • Dr. Pepper is better than both Pepsi and Coke. 37 (10.8%)
  • Pepsi for the win!!! 32 (9.3%)
  • Tie between Coke and Pepsi. 18 (5.2%)
  • Tie between Coke and Dr. Pepper. 10 (2.9%)
  • Tie between Dr. Pepper and Pepsi. 6 (1.7%)

12. Check all genres of music that you like: This question allowed for multiple options. There were a few genres I left off or didn’t specify from the whole genre. It’s hard to remember them all, but there were 29 options. Here were the top 5 results. I know that orchestral music is still popular, but I was surprised it was the number 1 option.

  • Orchestral Music (Like Mozart) 161 (50.5%)
  • Hard rock (Like Led Zeppelin) 113 (35.4%)
  • Club/Dance music (Like Daft Punk) 101 (31.7%)
  • 60s Rock (Like The Beatles) 99 (31%)
  • Rock N’ Roll (Like Elvis Presley) 88 (27.6%)

Well, those were the survey results. Thanks for participating and be sure to join those social networks / websites I mentioned earlier. Especially the Blank Atlas. I’m hoping that it’ll kick off soon. xD


About EmperorTigerstar

I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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