7,500 Subscribers: Q&A

Thank you so much everyone! I never expected to have 7,500 subscribers after 15 years. My map animations have improved over the years but I still never would have reached 7,500 subscribers for a long time. My World War II videos for Europe and the entire world going viral (the European one a lot more viral) definately helped. Look at the numbers below and you can see why I’m rather so shocked I’m at 7,500 subscribers:

Date Number of Subscribers
September 14, 2009 0
September 14, 2010 92
September 14, 2011 415
September 14, 2012 747
September 14, 2013 1,525
February 15, 2014 7,511

As you can see, while I did grow a lot in 2013, that was because I made a lot more detailed videos. Going viral was a suprising and it made me really happy. Thank you all. To celebrate, I wanted a Q&A. I didn’t do a video because a ten minute video with smooth jazz or soft rock in the background would be weird. So, here are the questions and my answers! Some were skipped due to being repetitive or simply spam. By the way… I made a Google moderator for the questions, but technically didn’t say you couldn’t ask in the comments of the preview video, so I did answer some in there as well.

Q1. “What inspisred you to make this channel? How do you feel about movies/shows basing off their stories on historical events then distorting them and giving false ideas to the viewer as to what actually happened? Favorite era? Why am I so darn handsome?” – Drako Blare

A: My love for maps and history. B: It depends on the errors. For example, 300 and Braveheart I really like, but obviously they’re not 100% correct. C: Probably European History between 1815 and 1914 tied with World War II. D: Beats me.

Q2. “What history documentaries would you recommend for anyone to watch?” – Inkshooter

A: Ken Burn’s documentary on the Civil War is a great one. Also, the history channel series on Barbarians both I and II were pretty good. Letters From Vietnam is also fantastic.

Q3. “Where are you from?” – Bilbo Baggins

A: The United States of America

Q4. “What is your favorite mathematical equation and why?” – Revenge of Newton

A: Here’s the thing: I’m good at math, but I hate doing it. But I do like the beauty of math in nature and how it works. My favorite would probably be the quadratic equation simply because it saved me a lot of time in work compared to trial and error factoring and “completing the square”.

Q5. “Why don’t you try using Adobe Flash for your animations? If you’re using paint, this could potentially save you many hours and it is really easy to use for the making of such videos.” – Bevieles

A: I don’t know how to use anything like that, not even Photoshop. I already am an expert at Paint and Movie Maker so why learn something new and spend 4 months trying to get used to it? I like making videos how I already do.

Q6. “What is your favorite Empire? Roman, Mongolian, Alexander’s, etc.?” – SgtRevan

A: I do like a lot of empires, but the problem is when I pick one, I tick some off. For example, I like the Ottoman Empire. Am I Muslim? No. Do I hate Greeks and Armenians? No. Do I know what they did to them? Yes. They did horrible things. All empires do. But, I do like badass military leaders, famous battles such as the siege of Constantinople, and like the shape of the map of their empire at their greatest height. I do think that the Armenian Genocide is terrible and deserves recognition. But, I find the Ottomans interesting and cool to read about. At least before the year 1600. But, I don’t exactly have a favorite empire. Out of the three you suggested, I would pick Rome.

Q7. “Are you going to make maps with colonial nation how they expanded? For example the Netherlands?” – James

A: I do have several already. They’re not as detailed as my Ottoman and Roman empire videos. I promise that I will make up to date ones in the future. For now, here is a link to a playlist with my videos on colonial empires: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0MwcDYjQCaMzHSKidhtt3h6MnHjgrsmP&feature=edit_ok

Q8. “Will you do a Syrian Civil War map animation in the future?” – Goigi

A: Well, I would have to wait for the war to end first. But I might not do it if it’s not a front-line based war throughout. Showing wars without front-lines is hard to make and to watch.

Q9. “Do you have a university education in a subject of history or are you just a passionate about it?” – Damian

A: I am very passionate about history. My grandfather was a history teacher and many of my adult figures that I looked up to loved history. I am still currently in school and I hope to get a teaching job and perhaps eventually something like a doctorate.

Q10. “What is the most interesting historical conflict in your perspective and why?” – LeBron James

A: World War II is the most interesting for me. If you look at it in general, it’s a war in which guys want to literally take over the world and others team up to stop them. The Axis Powers did enough horrible things to make them really evil people. Don’t get me wrong, the allies did terrible stuff too, but the Axis Powers were far worse. It also has some of the largest and most epic battles both land, air, and sea. It also brought in the cold war and atomic age and yet also the UN. I could type a 10,000 page essay on why I find this war interesting.

Q11. “Who are your favorite Youtubers?” – orsobartholomew100

A:  I love several. Smosh, VlogBrothers, CGPGrey, V-Sauce, Numberphile, and LeagueOfSuperCritics come to mind.

Q12. “On average how long does it take to make a video?” – Rambo

A: It depends. My World War II in Europe: Every Day video took three to four months of on and off work. On the other hand, my videos on Iceland and Serbia took me 20 minutes.

Q13. “What made you do maps and not lessons?” – Matthew Housley

A: I love maps a lot. I got an atlas for my birthday when I was 6 and I fell in love with it really quickly. I began drawing maps by first grade and now I can draw almost any political map of any region at any time by hand simply out of passion and years of practice. When I got into history by third grade, I really liked it. But then, I noticed that some people made historical atlases, which made my passions for both history and geography soar to unimaginable heights. But others in school thought history was boring or simply didn’t understand it. That’s because the textbooks and lectures can be boring if you’re not passionate. So I made maps for people for things like World War II on paper and they understood it. So I decided one day to make a map animation over the Napoleonic Wars on a YouTube channel called EmperorTigerstar. People began to watch and comment and like, so I continued and quickly dedicated my life to it.

Q14. “Do you play games like Europa universalis IV ?” – Fish

A: I am not too much of a gamer. But out of the games I do play that are historical strategic games, I love Civilization V and Civilization Revolution.

Q15.  “Republican, Democrat or Third-Party?” – Marylandbrony

A: Political parties are stupid and get nothing done but delay and trouble. I pick who I want to win an election based on the individual person and their political beliefs.

Q16. “What are your religious views?” – Radufromhere

A: I am officially baptized as a Methodist Christian. But my personal beliefs include bits of rather liberal Christian beliefs. It’s complicated.

Q17. “Will you ever do the Hundred Year’s War?” – The fire guy

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqq-p04_IPs

Q18. “Will you ever do a World History thing. Where you have a world map layed out and start from the first civilizations and go until the present?” – David Chodor

A: Nothing as detailed as every year. One, it would take too long. Two, the further back we go, the more unreliable ancient history is in dates. If I made a video, it would be a summary up to around AD 400 and then I might do every year from then. Would I make a video like that? Maybe.

Q19. “Out of all of the videos you have made, which one is your favorite? Which is your is your least favorite?” – Suinnus

A: My favorite is my World War II in Europe and the Pacific: Every Day simple because it was a lot of hard work and it’s every day of my favorite war. My least favorite was my first video on World War II, which is so inaccurate and simple, it no longer exists on YouTube. 🙂

Q20. “I’ve watched some videos on your second channel (emperortigerstaralt) and was wondering if will possibly make a World War Z animation that followed the book, similar to the 1984 one?” – Pumba70

A: No.  The book didn’t mention detailed front lines or a timescale that’s reliable and consistent. Plus, I wasn’t a fan of the book. Movie was OK though.

Q21. “Will you do a video of the Khazar/Khazarian Empire?” – dsfkjgh

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DltKh5W-nLc

Q22. “What is your favorite Youtube account? What are your next big projects?” – Michael F

A: I already mentioned my favorite YouTubers, as for next projects, I have several coming this year. There will be a preview video on that in a few weeks.

Q23. “From a cultural and historical standpoint, would it make sense if southern Italy and Sicily seceded from the rest of Italy?” – Rambo

A: I’m not sure. Southern Italy was separate from northern Italy whether in one state or several from the 700s up to 1860. Yet, they have the same overall culture, religion, and language. Politically they’re different, but I can’t make judgement alone from that.

Q24. “Is it possible that Catalonain and Baske anhels of independence could cause a 2nd Spanish civil war?” – Drexmapper

A: I can’t answer this question very well either. If they would secede, (assuming they would try to), it would have to be peacefully. Could a bloody civil war happen? I doubt it, but anything’s possible.

Q25. “Will you do a animation on the Crimean khanate?” – GoldenHordeKhanate

A: I have a video over the Crimean peninsula in general… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amWNz9VV-ic

Q26.  “Would you make an alternative history video where the protest of ukraine breaks out in a civil war and how the world reacts to it?” – dudelude

A: I can’t make an alternate history if it goes into the future. Sorry.

Q27. “What are your political views, and what do you think of the inglorious part of American history (massacres of natives, slavery and racism)?” – orsobartholomew100

A: Politically, it’s complicated but I am for the most part a moderate to average liberal. As for American injustices, they’re terrible. Every nation does its good and bad, some doing horrible things. I don’t feel guilty personally because I can’t help being born in America. I hate racism and discrimination in all forms and the native american massacres are terrible. But what’s done is done. It’s important to learn from the past, but dwelling on it too much can be just as bad.

Q28. “What was the best music album of 2013? Any runner-ups?” – Radufromhere

A: My music tastes (which have been explained in the previous blog post) involve…not modern pop and hip hop. Not including compelation and greatest hits albums released in 2013, popular music sucked (overall). The worst year in music for a long time. But, luckily, popular and chart-topping doesn’t always mean best. The metal field was great. Rock was OK, if you exclude the so-not-rock-yet-charting-on-rock-anyway artists such as Lorde. *shivers* But by albums, I’d give a three-way tie between Anthrax’s “Anthems”, Paul McCartney’s “New”, and Pearl Jam’s “Lightning Bolt”.

Q29. “I saw that you like Metallica.Do you also like some other metal band?” – pobij ih sve

A: I noticed that this questions had more dislikes than likes. Why? I’m glad you asked this question! Metallica is my favorite band (barely. I like a lot of bands.) I love several metal bands including: Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Megadeth, Anthrax, Mastodon, Slipknot, and several others. I do love hard rock too, in case you consider Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and Guns N’ Roses metal. I don’t consider them metal, but I love those bands and several others.

Q30. “Why do you think France lost the Franco-Prussian War?” – Beans

A: Poor leadership and execution as well as slight over-estimation of their own forces.

Q31. “When and why did you become a communist?” – Mert1999

A: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m not a communist. What gave you that impression?

Q32. “Are you of German descent, and do you sympathize with the Third Reich ?” – Leonard Erasmus

A: Most of my genetic makeup is German along with Dutch and Welsh. I do not sympathize with the Third Reich, Nazism, or any form of extreme fascism or totalitarianism for that matter. Though Cincinatus was a fantastic Roman dictator. xD

Q33. “Syria vs Turkey” – Bekay7485

A: Not a question! 😀 In all seriousness, it depends. Militarily: If the world didn’t intervene as a result? Turkey. Civil war is kind of all over Syria, making Syria’s situation ripe for defeat.

Q34. “Are you gonna make a video about WWIII between the American Empire and China?” – Emperor Tikacuti

A: 1. There is no American Empire regardless of the imperialistic-type things we have done. We are a (corrupted and flawed) federal republic with superpower status. The Soviets weren’t an empire and they were imperial-like too. 2. WW3? More like Apocalypse: Now. 3. No

Well, thanks for asking! Thanks for subscribing and watching! If you want to ask me more questions, there is my Tumblr: http://www.emperortigerstar.tumblr.com


About EmperorTigerstar

I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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