The Quest for Pearl Harbor

Back in August, I got Civilization V, one of the greatest history-strategy computer games of all time (the franchise anyway. Some prefer IV better). I got the expansion Gods and Kings, which made things even better! I loved playing on the earth map or doing something weird like having an Aztec tank defeat a Spanish pikemen to take Madrid. Most of all, I love to do real military strategies. For example, sometimes I’ll pull a Hannibal while playing as Carthage and send a mass of war elephants and spearmen through mountains to pillage and capture enemy cities. But I think my favorite is pulling a Pearl Harbor. Normally, it’s just a simple aerial attack at a city my spies or other troops have revealed to have a lot of naval, land, and/or air forces. Then I just bomb the area with a few planes and then attack their territories with amphibious landings. But, one day I decided that I wanted to make a real pearl harbor attack, or at least partly real.

The following were used by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor:

6 aircraft carriers

2 battleships

2 heavy cruisers

1 light cruiser

9 destroyers

8 tankers

23 fleet submarines

5 midget submarines

414 aircraft

Obviously, not all of these are real units. In addition, resources and time prevents me from making 414 aircraft and 23 submarines. So, I made the following:

6 aircraft carriers

2 battleships

9 destroyers

5 submarines

12 aircraft

Now, I had already conquered the entire world EXCEPT for the lone city-state of Singapore. It wasn’t Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, America, 1941. It was Singapore 1946. But close enough. I had just enough fire power to destroy their units, infrastructure, and city (and unlike the Japanese, capture it.)



I am such a nerd.


About EmperorTigerstar

I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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One Response to The Quest for Pearl Harbor

  1. Theodor says:

    Ha, I know that situation from my Civ5 escapades too!

    Just wanted to notice: somewhere you said you haven’t tried Europa Universalis IV yet. I’ve been an ardent Civ player since Civ3, and I’m also a big history/geography buff (used to spend hours coloring white border maps of Europe with imagined empires, and just yesterday I spent the whole evening reading about the Avars and clicking further links on Wikipedia)… but since I picked up EU4 in August I haven’t even bothered installing Civ5 on my new machine. It’s just so much better for satisfying my frontlines-on-a-map cravings.

    It’s a bit more complex than Civ5 though, so I’d recommend watching a few “Let’s Play” videos by YouTubers Quill18 or Arumba07. And beware, once you pick it up, dozens of hours will go down the drain 😀

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