My Nirvana Moment

So recently, a blog called io9 shared my World War II in Every Day video. Yay! 😀

Then “Dangerous Minds”, another popular blog, shared it from there.

Then, I checked my video manager on YouTube. It said my WW2 everyday video has 6900 views. That’s normal. But then I clicked on the video, and it said 20,000 views. 0_0!

Later that evening, 35,000 views.

At night, 50,000 views.

This morning, 90,000 views.

Now: 270,000 views.

It took 4 years, but one of my videos went viral. 263,000 views, 4500 likes, and 600 subs in one day. I had a Nirvana moment. I had a great day. Thank you everybody.


About EmperorTigerstar

I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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3 Responses to My Nirvana Moment

  1. And now over a million views! Great work!
    May I ask you how old you are and perhaps where you are from?

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