My Survey Results!

Well, I’ve reached the max number of responses and the survey has closed. As promised, here are the full results and why I needed to know each question. Since I have 100 forms, the percentages aren’t given.

1. How old are you?

Well, I could look up the age groups watching my videos on the analytics page, but those cover overall. I figured only my biggest fans would answer the survey, so that way I get a more concise idea. I figured the majority were in the 13 – 17 year old range, but it’s nice to know that I had some younger and older fans.

13 – 17 years old: 69

Under 13 years old: 12

18 – 25 years old: 10

25 – 40 years old:  5

40 – 60 years old:  2

Did not answer: 2

Over 60: 0

2. Check all that apply: You follow me on… / 3. Which of these do you regularly look at?

I’ve had my twitter, tumblr, G+, and blog accounts for sometime so I was wondering if my biggest fans followed me on them. I can’t be on there all the time to see how many followers I have. I noticed that not everyone clicked on YouTube so that means a few who answered my survey didn’t have an account, so they weren’t subscribed to me, but they watched my videos. Then I needed to know if you actively look at them. Nice to know that some do and I will keep all of them. But I’m not making a Facebook one. Sorry. Since apparently several people were surprised I had something besides a YouTube account, the links to my other accounts are at the end of this post.

NOTE!: People who follow me on Google Plus have to re-add me to their circles as I made a new page. (Posted at the bottom)


1. YouTube (94/100)

2. Google+ (5/1)

3. Twitter (4/4)

4. This blog (4/2)

5. Tumblr (2/1)

4. How or from whom did you hear about EmperorTigerstar

Well, figured most found it by random. I’m not a huge channel. Yet. Nice to know someone had a friend or family member show them.

1. Randomly found it on YouTube: 91

2. Randomly found it on a search engine: 3

3. Other: 3

4. Randomly found it on a social network: 1

5. My friend/family member: 1

6. Did not answer: 1

7. My teacher: 0

8. My student: 0

5. Check all that apply: Have you ever…

I was suprised more people shared my channel offline than online. You guys are the best.

1. Did not do any of these: 39

2. Told someone about my channel offline: 33

3. Told someone about my channel online: 29

4. Shared one of my videos: 27

6. Which channel do you like better?

As expected, a huge majority picked my main channel. Good, because I’m going to slow down on my alternate history channel. Maybe two videos a month. (Speaking of which, Pax Romana Aeterna comes out on July 1, 2013!)

1. EmperorTigerstar: 74

2. EmperorTigerstarAlt: 22

3. Did not answer: 4

7. Check all that apply: Why do you watch my channel?

I was really happy that a great majority came to learn while another thought it was entertaining and cool. It means a lot to me that I’m not the only history and geography nerd out there and that people actually learn from my videos. You guys rock.

1. It’s interesting: 81

2. It’s entertaining: 57

3. To learn: 52

4. It’s cool: 40

5. My teacher showed it to me in my class: 2

6. Did not answer: 2

8. Check all that apply: What video schedule would you be fine with?

Well, I think most people picked what they wanted as opposed which ones they would be fine with. Well, not many people picked once every two weeks. Well, unfortunately, after the Civil War video, I’ll be only doing videos every two weeks with occasional breaks. Why? I’ll explain more on July 4th on this blog.

1. More than once a week: 69

2. Once a week: 46

3. Random times: 29

4. Once every two weeks: 22

5. Once a month: 9

6. Did not answer: 1

9. Would you read a weekly or monthly email newsletter?

Just curious. I’m not going to do it, as I’ve got this blog, but if an overwhelming majority said yes (which it wasn’t overwhelming…) then I might have. But I’m not going to.

1. No: 40

2. Yes! Weekly or monthly is fine: 37

3. Monthly only: 16

4. Weekly only: 7

10. Which parts of history do you like?

This was half curiosity and half business. I want to be sure the videos I release are going to be interesting to you. For example, local, civil, and renaissance got relatively low counts, meaning I’m going to do little videos in those areas. I’m not going to post the data on everything, so here’s the top 5.

Thank you all for participating. It really helps. You guys are the best fans I could have asked for.

Types of history:

1. Military history: 71

2. Alternate history: 66

3. Culture: 35

4. Local: 34

5. Civil: 33


1. World history: 78

2. European history: 75

3. US history: 49

4. Asian history: 47


1. World War II: 83

2. World War I: 81

3. 1815 – 1914: 69

4. Napoleonic: 68

5. Cold War: 66

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About EmperorTigerstar

I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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4 Responses to My Survey Results!

  1. Yeah, I knew a load of noobs would pick twice a week on what they would be okay with, I picked once a month, because you should go at whatever pace you can.

  2. Cobble says:

    We all ❤ you emp!

  3. Athena says:

    Your videos are so helpful! I like it because the different european tribes are not tackled much in the history books. also, they give short not long-winded summaries. I’m going to have my kids use them either as “dictation” or copywork.

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