Man of Steel Review

Note: This review contains minor spoilers.

I am a pretty big Superman fan. Back in 2006, when Superman Returns came out, I was disappointed. Kind of like Iron Man III, I felt really let down. The last good Superman movie was Superman II back in 1982. Then, I saw a Man of Steel preview and I became excited. Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight series) and Zach Snyder (300) working together on a Superman movie with General Zod, the villain from Superman II. I was very excited. I watched the movie today but a few hours before, I was reading other criticisms on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and most gave it a bad review. I was dismayed, but then again, most critics gave Iron Man III a good review, so I gave it a shot and I must say: They had no idea what they were talking about. Man of Steel was fantastic.

There was great fighting, a pretty good story, and the new Superman was a great fit for the role! I didn’t expect Russel Crowe to make a good Jor-El, but he proved me wrong. While I think Terrence Stamp from Superman II made a slightly better General Zod, the Zod in this movie was pretty good. The story was told in a unique way of Superman’s life about his childhood and growing up. But the best part was the realness of it all. They addressed how Superman growing up was overwhelmed by his powers but he eventually learned to control it. They didn’t just say the yellow sun gave him powers, they said the lighter gravity compared to Krypton, the radiation from a different son, and a different atmospheric composition made him stronger. It made sense. Some Superman fans want a bit of humor and fun in the movie, but this movie was pretty series. Superman has to face several moral choices, including whether to kill Zod. There are a few things that you may question during the first half of the movie like “What?! Clark Kent isn’t working at the Daily Planet? Why I–“, but just watch the movie patiently and everything will be explained. Overall, people try to compare it to the original Superman movies, but this movie is a different type. Remember the Dark Knight compared to the original Batman and simple don’t try to compare them. I highly recommend it.

Like the original: A-

Story: A-

Action: A

Characters: A-

Overall: A-

Here is a comparison of this review with my other movie reviews.

Movie Like the Original Characters Story Action Overall
Star Trek: Into Darkness A- A A A A
Iron Man III D+ B C- B+ C

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