Star Trek into Darkness Review

Oh. My. Gosh. Star Trek was fantastic. This review won’t have important spoilers. If you were a fan of the old tv series or the old movies, you will find many hidden references or famous lines throughout the movie. If you love the movie “The Wrath of Khan”, you will really like this movie. The characters were fantastic as well as the story. Even if you aren’t a Star Trek nerd like myself, you will enjoy the movie’s action, romance, and tragedy. As for me, my inner nerd died of pure happiness.

Like the original: A-

Story: A

Action: A

Characters: A

Overall: A

Here is a comparison of this review with my review of Iron Man III.

Movie Like the Original Characters Story Action Overall
Star Trek: Into Darkness A- A A A A
Iron Man III D+ B C- B+ C

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I make a YouTube account that makes map animations of historical events such as World War II or the Civil War.
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